Apex Legends Characters

Apex Legends Characters

The Apex Legends characters are what helps set it apart from other battle royale games. There are a total of eight characters to choose from in the game. These characters cover three different types of roles, offensive, support and defensive. In addition, each character also includes three special abilities that are designed to work with other character’s abilities. As a result of these special abilities, players are provided with a large array of strategies that can be used to win the game.

The list that follows details the eight Apex Legends characters release at the launch of the game in February 2019. Click on a name to learn more about each character or you can browses through a slideshow of the full list of characters. .

Each character page includes the character’s real name (if known), story background and special abilities.

Apex Legends Characters:

Apex Legends - Bangalore

Apex Legends – Bangalore

Bangalore – Professional Soldier

Anita Williams, otherwise known as Bangalore comes from a family of professional soldiers. She was the top of her class at the IMC Military Academy and has expertise with a Peacekeeper Shotgun. Three years ago she and her brother were sent on a mission to the Outlands where they were ambushed and lost contact with the IMC. Unable to get back Anita Bangalore joined the Apex Games in hopes of using her vast weapon knowledge to earn enough money to get back home to her family.

Primary Role: Offensive
Bangalore’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher – Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.
  • Passive Ability: Double Time – Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.
  • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder – Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

Bloodhound – Technological Tracker

The true identity of Bloodhound is shrouded in mystery. All sorts of rumors circulate with regards to his background but about all that is known about Bloodhound is that he is one of the best game hunters the Outlands has ever known. Above all, his expertise in tracking allows him to track and locate nearby enemies and makes him an asset to any team he joins.

Primary Role: Support
Bloodhound’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather – Briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you.
  • Passive Ability: Tracker – See tracks left behind by your foes.
  • Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt – Enhances your senses, allowing you move faster and highlighting your prey.
Apex Legends - Caustic

Apex Legends – Caustic

Caustic – Toxic Trapper

Originally known as Alexander Nox, Caustic is a former scientist who worked as a researcher for a pesticide manufacturer. His research turned into secret experiments until he was confronted and presumed dead after a fire in his lab. However, he’s alive and well and is part of the Apex Games using his knowledge of toxic gases to the benefit of any team he joins.

Caustic is one of two Apex Legends characters that must be unlocked with either Apex Coins or Legend Tokens that are purchased/earned in game.

Primary Role: Defensive
Caustic’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap – Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.
  • Passive Ability: Nox Vision – Allows you to see enemies through your gas.
  • Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade – Blankets a large area in Nox gas.
Apex Legends - Gibraltar

Apex Legends – GibraltarApex Legends – Gibraltar

Gibraltar – Shielded Fortress

Makoa Gibraltar or Gibraltar, has been trained the Outlands version of search and rescue. An unfortunate accident which was a result of actions by Gibraltar, post his father his arm, he has dedicated his life to protecting those in need. He joined the Apex Games to help protect his friends and won’t think twice before putting himself in the line of fire.

Primary Role: Defensive
Gibraltar’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection – Throw down a dome-shield that blocks all incoming and outgoing attacks for 15 seconds.
  • Passive Ability: Gun Shield – Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.
  • Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment – Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.
Apex Legends - Lifeline Character

Apex Legends – Lifeline Character

Lifeline – Combat Medic

Ajay Che, who goes by Lifeline is a combat medic in the Apex Games. After discovering the pain inflicted by hear wealthy family of war profiteers, she joined the humanitarian organization known as the Frontier Corps. In joining the Apex Games she uses her winnings to help people in need and mend some of the damage that her family’s business has done.

Lifeline is all about support and helping out the team. To sum up this support role for Lifeline, players should not expect to rack up the kills with her. However, players who do select Lifeline will play an important role and helping team survive to the end.

Primary Role: Support
Lifeline’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: D.O.C Heal Drone – Call your Drone of Compassion to automatically heal nearby teammates over time.
  • Passive Ability: Combat Medic – Revive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Healing items are used 25% faster.
  • Ultimate Ability: Care Package – Call in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear.
Apex Legends - Mirage

Apex Legends – Mirage

Mirage – Holographic Trickster

A former bartender, youngest of four brothers and trickster all describe Elliott Witt, also know as Mirage. Growning up he became an expert with Holo-Pilot tech – a technology created by his mother which can project holographic images. While working as a bartender he became intrigued by the amazing stories of fortune and glory won in the Apex Games. Equipped with a custom set of Holo devices that gave him special abilities he decided to join the Apex Games.

As a master of mis-direction Mirage will have enemies chasing after illusions and outwitting opponents with his expertise of holographic technology. Mirage, like Caustic is the second character who does not come unlocked for new players at the start of the game. Players will need to purchase or earn enough in-game currency in order to unlock him.

Primary Role: Offensive
Mirage’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Psyche Out – Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Passive Ability: Encore! – Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for five seconds when knocked down.
  • Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act – Deploy a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak.
Apex Legends - Pathfinder

Apex Legends – Pathfinder

Pathfinder – Forward Scout

Pathfinder, who also goes by MRVN is a mobile robotic versatile entity. One day in and abandoned lab he booted up, with little no information on who created him or for what purpose. Soon after coming to life MRVN began the search for his maker. While he has learned much in his search he has still not found the person or persons who created him.

In the Apex Games Pathfinder helps teams by creating new opportunities for movement. His primary role is one of support offering teammates different ways around the battlefield using a grappling hook, zip-line and more.

Primary Role: Support
Pathfinder’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook – Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.
  • Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge – Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring’s next location.
  • Ultimate Ability: Zip-line Gun – Create a zip-line for everyone to use
Apex Legends - Wraith

Apex Legends – Wraith

Wraith – Inter-dimensional Skirmisher

The background and real name of Wraith is unknown. Wraith has no idea how she became wraith or gained her inter-dimensional powers. She simply woke in a detention center with no memory and is now on a quest to figure out her true identity using the Apex Games as a way in. It has been rumored that there are abandoned research facilities buried below the arenas used for the Apex Games.

Primary Role: Offensive
Wraith’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Into the Void – Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage.
  • Passive Ability: Voices from the Void – A voice warns you when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it’s on your side.
  • Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift – Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them.

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