Call of Duty Warzone Plunder Mode – What is Plunder Mode?

How to Win, Find Cash and Deposit Cash in Call of Duty Plunder Mode

What is Call of Duty Warzone Plunder?

Plunder is one of two primary game modes for Activision’s Call of Duty Warzone. In reality, it is simply another version of Battle Royale with different victory conditions. Rather than being the last man or squad left standing, the primary objective of Plunder model is to earn the most in-game cash. This is determined by finishing 30 minutes with the most cash or having the most cash after the two-minute bonus round is triggered.

In Plunder mode, players do not need to worry about an ever-shrinking map due to noxious poison gas. It’s also easier to re-spawn if they are killed. The game mode supports up to 102 players in squads of 3 members each, for a total of 34 squads competing against each other.

How to Find Cash in Call of Duty Warzone Plunder

Players can take some comfort that Plunder mode does not include a deadly gas encroaching from all sides. This gives you the opportunity to search the full extent of the enormous Verdansk map. However, squads will still need to be on their toes. Otherwise they won’t stand a chance to earn most money

Easy Cash Grabs

Cash can be found all over the Verdansk map. The easiest is finding piles of cash and in supply boxes at various locations throughout the map. Cash can also be found in cash drops which are packages dropped from planes during the match. Players must be cautious though, many of the easy cash grabs, are sought after by multiple squads. This is especially true at named locations and buildings that may attract a lot of players or initial drop zones.

Robbing Banks

A more risky prospect for earning cash in Plunder is by robbing one or more of the banks found in Verdansk. Each bank has piles of cash found in their vaults. While these may be easy to get in, they are difficult to escape from with the cash in hand. The bank’s alarm system is triggered when they are breached. This sends out an alert to nearby squads that a robbery is in progress.

Contracts & Types of Contracts in Plunder

Another major way to collect in-game Warzone cash is by completing in game mini-missions or contracts. Squads can obtain contracts by picking up tablets that are found at randomized landmarks and suppy crates. The location of these tablets can be seen on the map, with each location having a different icon depending on the contract type. There are three different types of contracts.

  • Bounty Contracts – Bounty contracts are just that, player accepting these are given the task of taking out another squad of players. As soon as contract is accepted cross hairs will appear on the map with the general location of one player on the squad. Once that player is eliminated, the cross hairs move to the next player on the squad. Once all three players are eliminated the contract is complete. The opposing squad will receive an alert when a bounty has been taken out on them and when someone is eliminated. Bounty Contracts are relatively difficult so they offer the greatest payout of the three with $3,000. Completing a second consecutive complete bounty contract awards $4,000.
  • Recon Contracts – Once Recon Contracts activate, a special icon appears on the map. Upon entering the area, the location is marked on map and alert is sent out to nearby teams. A mini-game of Domination then ensues. In order to successfully complete the contract your squad must defend this location for a set amount of time. Once complete the squad is awarded loot and cash.
  • Scavenger Contracts – Squads taking up Scavenger Contracts are given the task of searching and opening multiple supply crates. These crates typically contain better loot that the standard supply crates. These contracts are the easiest and least “deadly” of the three contract types.

Eliminating Other Players

One of the best ways to earn the most amount of money is by taking out opposing players and squads. When a player is killed approximately 50% of the cash on hand is dropped making it freely available for anyone to pick-up. The more skillful the player or squad is at killing opponents the more cash they’ll be able to collect.

Attack Helicopter

The most amount of cash that you can collect in Plunder by taking down one of the attack helicopters. These helicopters start to appear during the frenzy of the final two minute bonus round and fire on all players. This is the most difficult way to earn cash but can be the most worthwhile and can change the dynamics of the game in the final two minutes.

How and Where to Deposit Cash

Carrying a lot of cash in Plunder mode can be dangerous. Get killed and most of what you’re carrying can go to your opponents. That’s why its important to periodically deposit your cash for safe keeping. There are two ways to safely deposit cash keeping it out of reach of opposing players. First is through the use of Cash Deposit Balloons. When deployed you have about 20 second to deposit as much cash as you can in $25K increments up to $150K. The second way to deposit money is through a Cash Deposit Helipad. A cash helipad unlocks once your team surpasses $300K in total cash. There’s no limit on the deposit but it is open to all teams.

How to Win Warzone Plunder Mode

The team that has the most money at the end of the two minute bonus round is the winner. This is the only way to win Call of Duty Warzone Plunder. There are two ways to get to the final bonus round. Once a squad has earned one million dollars in cash or 30 minutes has elapsed. When this milestone is reached all squad cash is saved and a two minute frenzy ensues that includes attack helicopters and mad scramble to collect as much cash as possible.

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