Check out these latest free PC games & Site Update

A half dozen free PC game profiles and downloads have been added size our last update back in May. We are continuing to work on some minor design news and adding more and more games every day. The goal for June is to have at least one new game added every day for a total of 30 new games planned. These will include classic remakes of retro games as well as free mobile games for both Android and iOS.

The new games added include the original classic Doom, which really isn’t the “original”, but rather ports and updates to the original Doom source code. Some of these ports/clones have since been used by id Software for the mobile release of the game so they are as true to the original as they can be. Also included are a couple of Sci-Fi Shooters in Alien Arena and Alien Breed as well as the classic and original Grand Theft Auto. We’ve rounded out the newest games with the freeware game God of Thunder, Super Mario 3: Mario Forever and the classic real time strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

In addition to adding more games, we are also working on tweaking the design and updating certain functionality on the site. Updates coming include

  • Ability for non-registered users to review games
  • More social sharing options and interactions
  • Official Facebook page
  • Addition Free PC Gaming resources
  • User Reviews

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