About Copa Petrobras De Marcas

Copa Petrobras De Marcas is a a free racing simulation game from Brazilian developer Reiza Studios. This racing simulation game allows players to race in some of Brazil’s most famous car racing courses. These race courses includes the likes of  Interlagos, Curitiba and Goiânia.

The car racing found in Copa Petrobras De Marcas is Touring car racing which uses uses standard road cars that  are heavily modified for racing. The front wheel drive cars come from a number of manufacturers with some having up to 300 HP of power. It is Touring car racing at its best.

In addition to the different cars players can choose from, Copa Petrobras De Marcas also allows gamers to control their cars from the driver’s first person perspective or control from behind the driver in an overhead view.

Copa Petrobras De Marcas’s graphics and animation are also worth mentioning. The 3D models of the cars and race course are very detailed and animation is smooth and realistic. The game also includes limited controller support for game pads and users are able to change controls in the game’s settings.

Petrobras is a Brazilian petroleum corporation that is a sponsor for many Brazilian race series. They have also sponsored this game and has made it freely available for download.

How Free is Copa Petrobras De Marcas

Copa Petrobras De Marcas is a free PC game available through Steam digital distribution platform. The game is relatively small but is a legitimate free game, without the need for any micro transactions coupled with some fun and exciting game play.

Where to Download Copa Petrobras De Marcas

In addition to Steam the game is also available for free download from a number of other sites which are detailed below. However, the safest and most reliable place to play is still going to be Steam.



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