Dink Smallwood is an action role playing game released in 1999 as freeware that has a dedicated group of followers who have created a number of mods and add-ons over the years. The game was re-developed in 2011 as Dink Smallwood HD which is available for free for Windows PCs as well as a paid version for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile operating systems.

In Dink Smallwood players control Dink, a former pig farmer whose father has mysteriously disappeared and mother has died in a house fire. He soon sets out to start a new life but in his travels learns of an evil group with plans to terrorize the kingdom. He then changes plans and takes on the quest of trying to defeat this evil group know as The Cast.

Game play is from the top down isometric view similar to other classic RPG games such as The Legend of Zelda. The downloads page has download link to the newer 2011 HD release, a patched version of the original along with numerous add-ons are available at a fan site called DinkNet. Both versions are freely available for Windows PC and Mac OS X.

Dink Smallwood Download Information

Dink Smallwood, the action role playing game has been developed by Robinson Technologies and is available for free download via their site.

Official Dink Smallwood Download Page

Available for download are Windows, iOS, Google Play and OS X versions of Dink Smallwood HD which was released for free in October 2017. The official game page also includes screenshots and other helpful information on the game. The Dink Smallwood HD Forums is also the place you’ll want to go for troubleshooting installation, game play tips and general conversation about the game.

The Robinson Technologies website also offers information and download links for other games they have developed including Dungeon Scroll, Tanked, and more!

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