Is the Doom Free?

No, the original Doom game is not free and it has never been free to download and play. The game is still licensed and fully protected under copyright laws and downloading any of the original game files is technically illegal. Users should be wary of any websites offering the original Doom game for free. Many times the downloads include malware or computer virus.

How to Play The Original Doom Game?

If you’re looking for a physical copy of the original Doom PC game you’ll have to look on secondary markets such as Ebay or Gamers can also purchase the digital version as well. Ultimate Doom, which came out in 1995 includes a fourth episode on top of the three episodes that were part of the first release. This can be found on sites like The price is less than $10 making it fairly inexpensive.

How to Play Original Doom for Free?

You may be asking your self how can you play Doom for free when the game is still owned/licensed by Id Software?

Well, in 1997, Id Software released the source code for Doom, free for anyone to download. The release of Doom source code into the the public domain quickly spawned dozens of homebrew clones and ports. Some modified the games while others tried to stay as true to the original as possible. While a many of the clones and ports have been abandoned, there are still a number that are available today and updated fairly regularly. Best of all they are free to download and play allowing a new generation of gamers to experience the classic Doom for free.

It is these source ports and clones that allow games to play the “original” Doom for free. Many of the clones and source ports require graphics/sprites and those would typically come from the shareware or full version of the game. That being said there are alternatives available and it’s very likely you can play a version of Doom for free.

Be sure to visit our page that details the available free Doom Source Ports and Clones

About the ‘Original’ Doom

Doom, also known as DooM or the ‘original’ DooM, was the first release in the Doom series of first person shooters from Id Software. The release for Doom was on December 10th, 1993 when the first episode of the game was copied to an University of Wisconsin FTP server. Doom’s release under the shareware model allowed players to install a portion of the game. To gain access to the full version players would need to purchase.

The shareware version of Doom included the first episode while the second, third and later fourth episodes required a purchase.


Doom is a first person shooter game players the role of an unnamed space marine as he fights his way through a martian moon base. Ultimate Doom which includes a fourth episode contains a total of 32 missions. Players will face demons, undead and more. Players collect health packs, weapons, armor and ammunition found through out the game levels.

The game is primarily of single player game. It also features multiplayer modes that allow two players to play cooperatively over a local network. An online multiplayer was became available a year or so after the release.

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