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FreeOrion Free PC Game is an open source video game for Microsoft Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS X. It is a turn based 4x strategy game of galactic conquest and space exploration. FreeOrion is inspired by the Master of Orion series of sci-fi strategy games. However, it is a game all its own and not a remake or clone.

FreeOrion is a turn based 4X strategy game as a result a large part of the game centers around combat. Players will guide their faction in battle against opposing fleets and conquering planets. FreeOrion includes a complex technology/research tree as well as a detailed faction management features.

FreeOrion Gameplay

At the start of a new game players create the galaxy, choose a faction and then begin to build their empire. Starting with a single home planet and small fleet of ships players being to colonize new planets to expand their empire. Players have a lot of control over the planets they colonize. Planets rich in natural resource can set to industry or resource gathering while others can be geared towards research or military. The more planets you colonize, the more resources you gather resulting in a larger fleet of space ships. Ships come in all shapes and sizes and players can also design their own ships.

Being open source, FreeOrion is completely free to download and play. The latest stable release of FreeOrion is version 0.4.8 which was released in August 2018. The official FreeOrion free download page provides some good information on how and where to download the latest version of the game.

In addition to the download page, there is a FreeOrion quick play guide wiki that includes more background and tutorials for the game.  In addition to these tutorials, walkthrough videos can be found in the videos section of

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