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Minetest is a free sandbox style video game created by Perttu Ahola in 2010. The game influenced by Minecraft and other similar Minecraft games. The game is open source under the General Public License (LGPL). Minetest is completely free to download and play as are mods for the game.

Looking at Minetest, players will see the influence of Minecraft and other free Minecraft like games such as TrueCraff, Terasology and others.

Minetest has the same basic game play and format as Minecraft. The sandbox style game world does not carry any true storyline, objectives or goals. It is a creative construction game that provides players a great deal of freedom for creativity and building.

MineTest Features

Minetest takes players into a random computer generated game world up of over 620K small blocks. These blocks come in many different types styles which also make of the different types of terrain.

The game world includes most types of terrain you can think of. This includes things such as deserts, forests, jungles, the arctic, open water/seas and more. Gamers travel through this world finding various crafting tools, equipment and materials. These items are then used to help build things and to help you survive.

Players can move or destroy blocks trying to find valuable minerals to help them during play. Similarly players can destroy or move blocks to plant crops, flatten land to construct a home and more.  Similarly every block in the game world can be removed with the right tool. The game gives players a near limitless platform for creativity.

Minetest features both a single player mode, local multiplayer and online multiplayer with dozens of other live human players.

Minetest is one of the most well received free Minecraft games. The game download is available for free for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and FreeBSD operating systems. Be sure to have a look at the Minetest download page for more information on the available downloads.

The Minetest source code can also be downloaded. As a result independent game developers can create their own mods and add-ons for everyone to try. A list of Minetest mods can be found on the official Minetest Mods page. These Mods cover a wide range of game play features including Building mods, Map Generation mods, Environment mods and more.

In addition to the official Minetest download page, the website also offers a helpful wiki. The Minetest wiki will help you with the installation and setup to get started playing.

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