About Open Kart

Open Kart is a free kart racing game where your objective is to become the World Champion of kart racing. The game puts players into the international kart racing world as they begin a career racing across 20 circuits in 10 countries. The ultimate goal is to win the 250cc world championship but to do that you must win in the two lower stages of kart racing the 100cc and 125cc.

Open Kart racing simulation game is very similar to other kart racing games such as SuperTuxKart and Mario Kart this has a more real world feel to it. You won’t be racking against characters or cars that collect power ups. In career mode players can fully customize their karts. Making adjustments as they progress through the race circuits. This includes upgrading tires, engine, brakes and more to give you that little advantage over the others.

Open Kart Game Modes

The game features three distinct game modes. The most detailed is career mode. This mode will take you from the start of your career with 100cc karts, up through 250cc karts. You’ll also race through all 20 circuits along the way. Arcade mode is the second mode where you simply pick a course and kart, and race. This mode doesn’t allow any changes to the karts. The third and final mode is Time Trial. In Time Trial players can customize karts to their liking and then race trying to clock the fastest time on any of the courses.

Where to Download Open Kart

Open Kart is widely available from a number of hosting sites by doing a simple google search. The Softonic link provided below would appear to be most reputable. Please note, we cannot verify the other versions so always be sure to look closely when downloading and installing any free games.

How Free is Open Kart

The free status of Open Kart is unknown. The game was developed and released in 2001 by Microids Canada as a retail release. Since its release, it appears to have been abandoned and can now be found on a number of download gaming sites. We were unable to find any information whether or not Microids ever officially released this as a freeware game.

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