Spelunky is a platform PC game originally released in 2008 by developer Mossmouth/Derek Yu. In it players control an adventuring cave explorer or spelunker as they explore underground caverns and caves collecting treasures and items along the way while also trying to avoid enemies. Players are equipped with an whip and has ability to jump, both of which can be used to defeat enemies.

The unnamed adventurer in Spelunky can gain supernatural powers through special objects and items found along the way including things like crystal skulls, ankhs, and more. There is also the objective of trying to rescue damsels in distress who have been trapped in the underground cave. Players can pick up these damsels and carry them to an exit which will restore them to full health.

In addition to the PC, Spelunky has been ported to Chrome OS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita.

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