About Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever, or simply Mario Forever, is a free PC remake of the classic Nintendo Super Mario Bros platform game. The game has both graphics and game play there are very close to the original Nintendo version. Graphics however, are slightly different and the sound/music does not use or license anything from Nintendo’s version. In the game players control Mario as they run, jump, fire and collect coins through a number of different levels.

The game includes 8 different worlds and each level contains all sorts of obstacles that one expects from a Supar Mario game. Game levels also include a wide variety of terrain such as underwater maps, lava and more. Other Super Mario Bros elements are available in this freeware version. These include power-ups, hidden maps, and easter eggs that will keep players coming back for more. In addition, the game includes many mini Mario games such as Mario Minix, Super Mario Starman running and more.

The first release of the game came in 2003 from Buziol Games. Buziol changed names to Softendo in 2009 and this company continues to support and maintain the game. The latest release is version 7.02.31 which was first made available in 2017. This latest version does not include any third party or ad-supported plugins.

Is Mario Forever Free?

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is free to download and play. The game does not use original Nintendo graphics and sound/music. The legality surrounding use of the likeness of Mario and other characters is not known. That being said it does not appear as though Nintendo has filed any claims or take down notices.

Where to Download

The latest version of Mario Forever download can be found on the Softendo site. The latest version available is v7.02-31 and this download does not appear to contain any extra third party applications. Finally, this version features a Mario mini game and multiple options including HD window, original NES style window or full screen. Other sites such as Acid Play have older versions of the game if you’re unable to install the latest from Softendo.

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