About Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free to play World War II multiplayer first person shooter from Splash Damage. Players take part in small battles siding with either the Allies or Axis powers from World War II. The game features team based combat with an emphasis on cooperation. Featuring multiplayer support for up to 32 players, it is the ultimate team game. You either win or lose as a team. Players select one of five soldier classes. Each class has a unique set of skills, abilities and weapon load outs.

Originally planned as a retail expansion pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It was eventually released as freeware in 2003.

Soldier classes of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

  1. Covert Ops – Players can steal the uniforms of killed enemies in order to operate behind enemy lines.
  2. Engineers – Plant and detonate explosives with engineers. In addition to this, they can diffuse explosives, construct things such as bridges, towers and forward bases.
  3. Medics – Medics provide first aid to fallen teammates offering health regeneration
  4. Field Ops – Field ops soldiers offer support through mortar barrage and artillery.
  5. Soldier – Basic infantry soldier is the main fighting force for both Axis & Allies forces.

The game also features the ability to divide into smaller teams or squad for better communication. It also features a dynamic command map of the battlefield.

Victory Conditions

Winning conditions in Enemy Territory can be objective based. Objectives are spread across multiple maps to form a campaign. During a campaign, players earn experience, increase levels and unlock new abilities and weapons. The game has 28 “enhanced abilities” which are earned through multiplayer play.

In addition to multiplayer campaign mode, the game also includes team based modes. Examples include Last Man Standing, Stopwatch mode and Objective mode.

How Free is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is Completely Free to download and play. The game was release as freeware in 2003 and is available for download from the official website.  The game is available for Windows PCs, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free to play multiplayer first person shooter from Splash Damage. The game is free to download and play on Windows PCs, Mac OS X and Linux. The system requirements de...

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