Get Quake III for Free From Bethesda (for Limited Time)

Quake III Arena is available through Bethesda Launcher through August 20th.

Bethesda Softworks is offering a pretty enticing carrot for gamers to download and register for their digital distribution platform, Bethesda Launcher. Those downloading and registring an account can download, play and keep Quake III Arena for free. You better hurry though because this offer is only good through August 20th.

Released in 1999, Quake III Arena did not include any single player story campaign, instead it was a mutliplayer game play and has since been featured in many e-sport competitioins such as QuakeCon. The source code for the game was released for free under the GNU General Public License allowing independent developers to modify and use the game engine. There have been a number of game ports and modifications available since but many of these require the full version of the game. Quake III in game content such as graphics, models and textures were never released for free.

This free release follows up on the free release of Quake II on Bethesda Launcher which expired last week. No word on if Quake III free release will be followed with Quake IV or another classic shooter.

Looking through the library of games the Bethesda Launcher offers some of the most popular classic PC games/shooters. Games other than Quake III are the entire Doom series, Fallout series, Hexen, the Elder Scolls series and Wolfenstein series.

It’s also worth nothing that the Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall, which was release for free a number of years ago, is also available on the Bethesda Launcher. This makes the need for the old game files and DOSBox as described in our DOSBox Tutorial no longer necessary.

Make sure to check back for more free game releases as they are announced or you can view all the free games profiled on AllGamesAtoZ by taking a look at our Free Games A to Z list.

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