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Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

Are you unable to finish the original Grand Theft Auto game? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find all of the known Grand Theft Auto PC Cheats. This is for the original, top-down Grand Theft Auto game.

Grand Theft Auto PC Cheats

There are two different types of GTA cheats; one set is done in debug and affects mostly the game’s camera. The other is actual cheat codes that give you in game benefits. How to enter the Grand Theft Auto PC Cheat codes is detailed below. These cheats have been confirmed as working on the DOS version of the game as well as the Windows installer version that was released a few years go by Rockstar games. THe game is no longer available as a free download but it may be found on some 3rd party sites/sellers such as at a relatively low price.

To enabled the Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Cheats press the delete key when you are on the character selection screen. Enter in the cheat code and press enter for the desired effect. You will know that cheats are enabled when you hear the revving of a car engine.

Debug Mode Cheats – Enter “porkcharsui” as the character’s name in the initial name screen to enable debug mode cheats
DTakes a screenshot in .tga format
K or ]Zoom out
L or [Zoom in
Numberpad 8/Up arrowPans camera up
Numberpad 2/Down arrowPans camera down
Numberpad 6/Right arrowPans camera to left
Numberpad 4/Left arrowPans camera to right
HOME KeyCenters camera
Other Cheats
&machine10x multiplayer
buckfastPress ‘*’ to gain all weapons
hatemachineRaise point values
heartofgoldView FMV sequences
iamgarypennEnable offensive language
iamnotgarrpennDisable offensive language
iamthelaw or stevesmatesNo police
instantrum or 6031769Infinite lives
itsgallusUnlock all cities
itcouldbeyouGet 999,999,999 points
suckmyrocketAll weapons, armor and ‘Get outta jail free card’

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