Most Popular Platformers

The list of the most popular platform games include some great retro remakes, classic PC games and some home brew PC games as well. Be sure to take a look at our Top Picks and recommendations if you’re looking for more than just the most popular games.

15 Most Viewed Platformers

Super Mario 3 Mario Forever
7.7 Good User Avg

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

Download and try a PC remake of the classic Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Abuse PC Game Download
6 Fair User Avg


About Abuse Game Abuse is a side-scrolling action game for the PC that was originally released in 1994 by Electronic Arts. In the Abuse game players control a wrongfully convicted criminal who has been imprisoned in a facility which performs medical ...

Icy Tower Screenshot
8.1 Great User Avg

Icy Tower

Icy Tower is a platform game where players start at the bottom floor of an endless tower jumping up from one floor to the next. Icy Tower includes multiple scoring objectives, including total score, highest combo moves/multi floor jumps and highest f...

Super Mario Epic 2 Dream Machine
8.1 Great User Avg

Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine

Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine is a fan made Super Mario Clone set in Mushroom Kingdom. Players run and jump across multiple screens and levels as they try to defeat Lord Wart and the spell he has cast over the land which puts people to sleep and ...

Cave Story Screenshot
9.6 Amazing User Avg

Cave Story

Cave Story is a free platform game that was developed by Japanese video game developer Daisuke Amaya and released in 2004. The game centers around a protagonist who wakes trapped in a cave and while exploring uncovers a devious plot by a mad Doctor w...

You Have To Win The Game
9.1 Amazing User Avg

You Have To Win The Game

You Have to Win the Game is a side scrolling platform game

Dark War II
6.3 Fair User Avg

Dark War II

The dark army is rising again, and you are the only defence line. You are a troop of an secret organization called DWX. DWX was founded during the first encounter with the demons. DWII is a side-scroller with lots of enemies and devastating weapons. ...

Super Mario XP
7.6 Good User Avg

Super Mario XP

Super Mario XP is a fan made remake of the classic Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released as freeware in the early 2000s and is one of the better fan made remakes available for the PC. The graphics are close to...

Zelda Classic Free Game
6.4 Fair User Avg

Zelda Classic

About Zelda Classic Zelda Classic free PC game is a remake/clone of the original The Legend of Zelda game released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The original NES game quickly became a best seller and which many consider to be an abso...

Bio Menace Screenshot
7.1 Good User Avg

Bio Menace

Bio Menace is a side scrolling free platform game for the PC that was originally released in 1993 by Apogee Software for MS-DOS. In the game players control Snake Logan a secret agent who has been ordered to fly to Mexico City in order to report on s...

Spelunky Classic Screenshot
7.4 Good User Avg

Spelunky Classic

Spelunky is a platform PC game originally released in 2008 by developer Mossmouth/Derek Yu. In it players control an adventuring cave explorer or spelunker as they explore underground caverns and caves collecting treasures and items along the way whi...

N Screenshot
9.8 Amazing User Avg


N is a free platform game for the PC developed by Metanet Software and released in 2005. The game play style is similar to that of Lode Runner and is a side-scrolling platform game. In the game, players control N, a ninja who must run, jump and stop ...

God of Thunder

God of Thunder

God of Thunder is a 2D platform/puzzle game released in 1993 by Adept Software, the same developer who created a number of other great free PC Games including Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe. In God of Thunder, players control Thor, the legendary Norse Go...

8.1 Great User Avg


Burgerland is a fan made remake of the classic Data East co-op arcade game BurgerTime released in 1982. You will find that the game has some enhanced 3D graphics when compared to the original as well as the ability for players to control the camera a...

6.3 Fair User Avg


Looking to play the classic Donkey Kong game on your PC? Then look no further. CHAMP Kong is a faithful remake and free game of the all time classic Donkey Kong arcade game.

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