War Thunder Released!

War Thunder Release
War Thunder Release

With the War Thunder release on December 21, 2016 gamers have free access to a high quality, premium game that they can play for free. While final War Thunder release was officially on December 21, 2016, the game has actually been available since 2012. This time from 2012 up until December 2016 was considered more of a pre-release development/testing stage or beta release.

Watch the War Thunder Universe Released Trailer!

War Thunder is a free to play combat game which gives players access to all of the game’s features without having to spend a penny. It does however contain premium accounts where players can spend real money on micro-transactions in order to gain access to content and features quicker than if they were to earn them during game play in the free to play model. Content available includes skins, vehicle modifications, and more.

War Thunder currently contains World War II era aircraft and armored vehicles for players to control and battle with. Currently the game includes more than 450 aircraft from all the major powers during World War II including the Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and United States as well as land vehicles from those nations as well. There are a limited number of vehicles available from smaller nations such as Italy with more expected in future releases and expansions.

During game play in War Thunder players will earn game currency that can then be used to purchase vehicle upgrades, skins and more. The game users four different types of currencies:

  • Silver Lions which are used for buying vehicles, re-arming and more. These are freely available and earned by completing tasks such as in game objectives, completing campaigns or defeating other players.
  • Golden Eagles are the premium currency that is obtained by spending real money, inviting friends to play or completing a special event. These are used to obtain premium vehicles but these vehicles do not offer an advantage over the other vehicles obtained with silver coins.
  • Research Points are the third type of currency and used for vehicle modifications and upgrades.
  • Convertible Research Points are the final type of currency in War Thunder and a type of premium currency obtain by using Golden Eagles.

The official War Thunder release trailer was also released on December 21, 2016 and shows off some of the in game game play, graphics and animation that you can expect to encounter during game play. The trailer runs just over 2 minutes in length.

Interested in downloading and playing War Thunder? Then be sure to head over to the War Thunder page to find the latest news and download links available. The game is available both through Steam client and through War Thunder app that is available from the game’s developer Gaijin Entertainment.

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